January 2, 2018

Hello Everyone. I want to thank all of you for your support over the past six years. I feel honored to have been able to grow and learn through creating this organization. I have been humbled to meet the people I serve and work with hundreds of volunteers and organizations. Unfortunately, as with many things, life changes our trajectories. In 2018 I will be moving to Europe for graduate school, making it unrealistic to have our volunteers ship donations overseas.

While this is the end of how Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative looks in its current form, I hope you continue working to help your local communities and I hope you continue knitting your wonderful donations and giving them to soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters in your hometowns. I plan on continuing to knit winter items for the homeless and those in need abroad as I find incredible purpose and joy in it, and I hope you do the same.

For those of you who still want to ship your donations please send them to our main spin-off, Linda’s Hats For Hope: South Jersey.

Here is the Facebook page link for Linda’s page: https://www.facebook.com/Lindas-Hats-For-Hope-Initiative-South-Jersey-279387178830341

Her email is nanababs09@gmail.com

Donations can be mailed to:
c/o Absecon United Methodist Church
100 Pitney Road
Absecon, NJ 08201.

Linda became a spin-off of Emily’s Hats For Hope Initiative in November 2012 when we put out an urgent request asking for people near the NJ Shore to please help us with getting donations to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Linda stepped up and offered to not only help but to be a spin-off. She has remained one ever since. We ask that you please send your knitted, crocheted, and loomed donations to Linda instead of us. Or, you can choose from one of the other spin-offs closer to your location. We still have many spin-offs who will continue to accept donations. We also fully support any volunteers who would like to start their own spin-off.

While this deeply saddens me that Emily’s Hats for Hope must change with the times, I hope we can all continue the legacy of empathy, love, and volunteering by helping those in need within our own communities.

One thing that I still need, in large quantities before I move, is worsted weight yarn. I am hoping to bring yarn with me each time I travel to Europe and then ultimately bring the rest with me when I make my final trip. Having some of our wonderful volunteers send us yarn (instead of hats) from now until summer and even after that too would help ensure that I would have enough yarn to bring with me when I move. As I mentioned above, I will be making hats for those in need in Europe and the yarn donations will be vital to have. We will continue to maintain our post office box because of the other organization that my family runs. So, there is no worry that your packages will not get to us. If you ever want to send yarn to us in the future, which would be wonderful, I will still receive it when I am home for the holidays.

Thank you everything and we wish you all the best in the future.

Love, Emily
Founder of Emily’s Hats For Hope Initiative

Welcome to Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative!
Established in December 2011.



Mission Statement: We make, collect and donate winter hats, scarves, afghans & baby blankets to the homeless, working poor and others in need.

Our long-term goal is to have a spin-off of Emily’s Hats For Hope Initiative in every state in the United States and expand our international reach. We also would like to donate 50,000 winter hats by 2021.