Hat-Making Guidelines

1528524_615012055286486_1790540156654995359_nPlease review the following guidelines before making and sending your donations to EHFHI.

Our general guidelines are as follows: We would prefer that you use washable yarn when making items to donate to us. All items must have secure knots tied where it changes color and where it begins and ends. We would also like to ask that you please finish off the ends of all the hats, afghans, scarves, etc. by weaving in all of the ends so that they can not be seen.

Child, teen, and adult size hats need to be warm. Many of our recipients are homeless and live in cold regions of the country where there is snow and freezing rain. If you can easily stick a pencil or your pinky between the stitches, the hat isn’t going to keep someone warm in the cold winter months. If you are using a loom to make hats please be sure to ALWAYS double strand the yarn so that it is not too thin. (If you are using chunky yarn then you probably do not need to double strand.) Please also add a brim to the loomed hat to keep the recipient’s forehead warm.

When making baby hats they must fit an average size newborn or larger. Often we receive hats that are just too small. It is very important that you do NOT attach anything to hats for babies or children that could become a choking hazard such as buttons, bows, beads, snaps, pompoms, or anything that is not permanently secured. We want to make sure that the hats we send out are safe for small children and babies. Therefore, we will remove all pompoms, buttons, bows, beads, etc. from any hat that is for a child/baby three years and younger.

If you live in a home with a smoker or with pets we ask that you please wash the items prior to mailing them.

Scarves must be at least 4″ wide and 48″ longPlease do not use eyelash or feathery yarn. Warmth should always win out over fashion.

Please make sure mittens and slippers are warm and please tie the pairs together so they do not get separated during transport.

Please do not use yarn that contains any angora or mohair. People have very serious allergies to this type of yarn.

Visit http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/size-chart.html for details on sizes for hats and other items.