Create Your Own Spin-off

Teaching hat looming at DrewULike what we are doing? 

Want to help us reach MORE people in need? 

Start your own independent “spin-off” of “EHFHI” in your state and we will mentor you!

You wouldn’t be directly affiliated with Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative, but we will help you get set up and can give you hints along the way to help you reach more volunteers, mentoring you as long as you need it. You are legally and financially responsible for your organization.

You will need:

Your own personal Facebook account.

A P.O. Box that you would be willing to fund yourself. (Get the SMALLEST one available, just to fit the little yellow notices stating that you have a package at the counter.) You may use your home address but we do NOT recommend this because of privacy and potential safety issues. The address you use will be made very public, so you will have to decide if you are comfortable with using your home address. If you already have a P.O. Box you may use it but you must inform the post office that packages to your spin-off have permission to be sent to your P.O. Box. Otherwise, you risk having the post office send them back to their sender.

A way to publicize the group to get more people to make and donate hats, yarn (no angora or mohair please), etc. Each spin-off is responsible for gathering their own people. If you begin with posting about your spin-off in free church bulletins and local charity knitting groups, etc., you will start to build your group. Contacting small newspapers when you make your first drop off of donated items is a great way to advertise your cause and a great way to get your mailing address published in a paper.

Finding and contacting local churches, soup kitchens, food pantries, and other organizations that help the homeless and working poor. They can also be youth groups who help the poor. Group homes for teens who have been tossed out of their home are also great places to help.

Keep records of what was received and from whom it came.

Take pictures of the items as you receive them so you can post them to your Facebook page. People like to see activity and pictures of pretty hats makes them very happy.

Keep records of where the hats, scarves, afghans, blankets, gloves, etc., are distributed.

A safe, dry, smoke-free, dander-free, spacious place to store hats, yarn, etc., until they are distributed.

You will need to send quick thank-you notes via e-mail or your Facebook inbox, or on postcards through the USPS for each shipment you receive to the person who sent it.

If you wish to discontinue being a spin-off you MUST contact us to let us know. Do not simply abandon your spin-off.

*******ATTENTION ALL POTENTIAL SPIN-OFF PEOPLE: Please do NOT start a Facebook page for your spin-off on your own. We will provide you with one that mirrors the other ones we have setup (after you provide us with a mailing address and e-mail for the spin-off)********

For more information:
Message us through Facebook or if you’re not on Facebook yet, send us an E‑mail: